20 Easy Free DIY Sofa Table Plans

Sofas are meant for sitting and relaxing on, and it gets the job done well. This is why several people spend hundreds or even thousands on furniture to make a place more comfortable for sitting and reading a book, working, or even just doing whatever it is that you do best – watch TV, surf the web, or play ball. Although many types of furniture are available in the market, especially if you are looking for something vintage-inspired and straightforward, it is hard to beat the comfort and style offered by modern sofas, especially in the fractional size. Therefore, I present you today a selection of 20 free DIY Sofa Table Plans that will get your groove on and allow you to enjoy your favorite place more often!

DIY Sofa Table Plans

These DIY Sofa Table Plans will offer you many different options depending on whether you’d like a simple and modern look, a more rustic look, or a mix of both. Some of these designs are small and portable, while others are large and would be beautiful to have in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. If you want some right for your home, then check out the DIY Sofa Table Plans; I’ve created; you’ll find the suitable one here. Here is a decent variety of DIY Sofa Table Plans available for you. Use them as an inspiration for your very own creation. Either way, you’ll end up with something beautiful! Here is a decent variety of DIY Sofa Table Plans available for you. Use them as an inspiration to make excellently useful sophisticated tables for your home.

Sofa Table Plans:

Sofa Table Plans

A sofa table is more functional than your average coffee table. Keep yourself an extra seat to drop your feet for a place to sit and enjoy dinner or after-work snacks without having to stand while you wait in line at the kitchen counter. Plus, it’s much easier on the back with less of a slope getting up off the couch when you need something from that high kitchen counter space. With this DIY project, we’ll show you how easy it can be and all the tools and materials you need to turn an old discarded piece of furniture into a new interesting living room accent. The best thing about designing your sofa table is that they are so customizable! You can paint them any color you want – as long as it matches your home decor.


DIY Behind Sofa Table:

DIY Behind Sofa Table

This DIY behind sofa table will finally have an amazing home in your living room, and it is all thanks to you! This project is so easy that even beginners can do it. The best part of this project can customize the contents for this cool space behind the sofa. Add bookshelves for maximum effect or adorable little sidepieces too! Whatever you want, add a trellis shelf mindfully placed on the wall to make things seem bigger and better. So get started with this easy and very hip project to finish up as an expert!


Inexpensive Sofa Table:

Inexpensive Sofa Table

Besides it being inexpensive, this sofa table is really easy to build on your own. It will only take a few tools and minimal carpentry experience, which any beginner can handle! You’ll also get that lovely hairpin legs design in the result, adding so much character into every single detail of your space with just one masterpiece. You’ll need a few tools along with your minimal carpentry experience for the assembly, but that’s all you have to do here.


Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table:

Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

The addition of this DIY sofa table will make your living room more aesthetically pleasing and intriguing with its simple design. One can do wonders with just some basic tools and materials when creating their furniture pieces for the home. Check out how you could easily create yourself a fantastic-looking sofa table using recycled or reused items that are readily available at any hardware store near you- plus, they’re sure not going to break the bank either!


Outdoor Sofa Table:

Outdoor Sofa Table

Why not try a DIY outdoor sofa table this time? This project is easy to complete and will take you one evening. You’ll be adding more comfort and decor vibes to your backyard with the completion of it! Paint a new outdoor sofa table for your patio this weekend! It may be the perfect project to try if you’ve been thinking of DIY projects but have never actually tried them. With just one evening’s work, it will be finished and add such inviting vibes into any space that is lucky enough to host it – don’t miss out on trying this easy yet creative process before summer ends!


Homemade Sofa Table:

Homemade Sofa Table

A DIY pine table is a perfect way to spice up your living room. There is no need for an extensive renovation project- just some boards, paint, and nail gun will do! First off, you’ll have to cut the wood into flat pieces with your trusty saw or get creative by using plywood instead of traditional ones. Once all materials are ready, it’s time for assembly: 1) Layout two 4 inch wide lengths side by side on top of each other to create an even surface 2) Apply glue down the sides 3) Nail together from one end until reaching about halfway across before filling in gaps at either edge.


DIY Behind The Couch Table:

DIY Behind The Couch Table

Eighteen inches from the ground, you’re greeted with a solid piece of wood in an unusual shape. It looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out what is going inside and on top once you start building it. A simple table, just for your living room? Exactly! Sure enough, this DIY behind sofa table costs next-to-nothing to make and has a life expectancy of forever. It will be a stunning masterpiece for your home decor, and you’ll heartedly admire its creation.


DIY Sofa Table:

DIY Sofa Table

Build your miniature sofa table with this DIY project. It provides a clean and affordable standing or seating space to showcase any decor for guests that come over! The addition of this piece would be great in a living room, bedroom, or even the office! With this DIY sofa table, you can make your furniture for your favorite spot to relax. Build this versatile piece with glue and clamps, then decorate it any way that fits with the things in your house. Out of scraps? That’s okay! You could use a tabletop as a top-of-the-line virtual reality platform too.


DIY Sofa Table For Only $30:

Sofa Table For Only $30

With this plane sofas table set, you can stop worrying about having a wet carpet or couch. It is the best DIY project with super low cost and handy! It will only cost you like 30 dollars to build yourself this relaxing sofa table. You need to grab some materials and follow step-by-step tutorials on building them. This fantastic design of DIY sofa tables will help furnish your living room with a more chic look, as well as keep drinks off the floor from spilling out from drinks again!


DIY Sofa Table From 2x4s:

DIY Sofa Table From 2x4s

Sometimes, the space behind the sofa draws you into a quandary. You love to have it empty with nothing on hand for that purpose. I feel there’s no charge in having anything; you always end up not living out your commitment. Next time before these feelings arise, build a DIY too-small table from 2x4s that takes a few hours to create and is simple without a different need for skills or experience. It will be great to accommodate your remotes coffee mug and many others you wish to be nearer to you.


Laptop Sofa Table:

Laptop Sofa Table

Did you know that coffee tables and bedside tables are being replaced by the ever-popular laptop table? Talk about a multi-purpose product! Treat your old coffee table to some TLC or search for a design of furniture that you fell in love with but couldn’t afford. A sofa-table is just what your living room needs – elegant as it blends into the background while keeping laptops elevated and visible. You can build this DIY laptop sofa table on very short notice. Gather supplies such as 2’’x2″ furring strips, corner brace, glue, tung oil, spray paint (optional), stain (optional), screws, and plugs required (included) to assemble it.


Build Sofa Table With Pipe Frame:

Build Table With Pipe Frame

Making this table is a breeze. It will take you only 20 minutes from start to finish, and it’s not messy. It has been designed with durability in mind so the frame of your sofa can be attached easily without using any machinery! Because it’s curvier than many other pipe furniture designs out there, this means that placement options are virtually endless – place it where you need extra seating or use it as a reading nook coffee table in front of your couch. This easy DIY sofa table is perfect for any design lover. Functional and attractive, this build-your-own project is an easy way to add furniture to a room without spending a ton of money or time. Complete with detailed instructions and pictures, we’re sure that you can’t go wrong with this classically industrial-styled sofa table!


X Sofa Table From Scrap Wood:

X Sofa Table From Scrap Wood

If you’re on the search for an attractive, functional, and affordable table to fill your home with style, then look no further than this X sofa table from scrap wood. It has been constructed at a low price, so there is nothing stopping anyone from adding them into their homes. You can add it behind your sofa or go with a pair of chairs to make t look like a decent smaller dining table for any time usage.


DIY Farmhouse Sofa Table:

Farmhouse Sofa Table

This sofa table is perfect for living rooms or bedrooms. We designed it to be functional and versatile, so there are many ways you can use this credenza! From displaying pictures on the side of the table or using it as a laptop stand, this sofa table was crafted specifically to provide solutions for any decorating dilemma you may have. The best part about all this? It’s SUPER easy to make yourself! The legs extend to 39″ high, enabling it to stand out in any room while balancing your living room decor. When not in use as a sofa table, place it against the wall as an accent piece for photos or other homey treasures you want easily accessible at all times.


DIY Sofa Side Table For About $15:

Side Table For About $15

This simple DIY sofa table is made for 15 dollars or less, depending on what materials you use. It’s a clever way to save money by having your piece of furniture that no one can help but love. This creative little table will work in almost any room if you think about it because the possibilities are endless! This Lazy Sofa Table is the fun, cheap way to add functionality and style in a day or less for a great price. Its versatile design makes it perfect behind your sofa, as a foyer table, or on its own!


How To Build A Rustic DIY Sofa Table:

How To Build A Rustic Table

We’re here to show you how to build a rustic sofa table and get out some unused space in your living room. Learn how to build this magnificent vintage furniture that will add character, functional use, and beauty all at once! It doesn’t matter if it’s in the kitchen, living room, dining room, or bedroom; this piece will be able to find a home anywhere that needs more storage space and some character too! With so much love put into making it, the rustic sofa table adds an elegant touch as no other DIY project has done before. You’ll wish you had built one sooner when our step-by-step tutorial spurs you on.


Stylish And Simple DIY Sofa Table:

Stylish And Simple Table

Is your living space devoid of a sofa table, you ask? Well, now’s the perfect time to find one! The DIY sofa table is just what you need. Try crafting this easy-to-follow design with our interactive instructions. This DIY sofa table is right in size for your home. Follow this guide with easy instructions and get your space back. Now it’s easier than ever to afford living room furniture without the pricey store prices. It will be a gorgeous beautifying piece for your home decor, and you’ll surely admire making it.


Farmhouse Style Console Table:

Farmhouse Style Console Table

Furniture is so important in a living space where you spend much of your time. A sofa table allows your room to feel more spacious and brightens up your home with its charm (especially for those who don’t have a lot of green). Plus, it’s the perfect project if you want to make something super personal that will last long into years. We’re here with everything you need to know about filling that space behind the couch with style! It will surely be a great hit addition to your home decor.


Build Your Own Sofa Table:

Build Your Own Table

This DIY sofa table is perfect for the avid host. Place snacks on it to make a grand entrance when guests walk-in or use it as a night coffee station with water and cups. The unique design structure has stools tucked beneath and can accommodate four people seated underneath, perfect for games of cards like 52 pickups. Constructed from solid wood, not raw pine, safety-rated grips at the feet will keep this large piece steady while you enjoy your morning coffee after swim practice! It will be a decent masterpiece for gift-giving also.


Industrial Farmhouse Sofa Table:

Industrial Farmhouse Sofa Table

This sofa table is the perfect way to lighten up your home for those days when you’re busy catching up on errands and need somewhere to set down that stack of magazines. It features a classic-looking polished black metal frame with square supports at each corner, so it won’t rock back or forth when in use. Classic yet modern, this staple piece will match any style décor from mid-century mod to contemporary country chic!


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