Unbelievable Cool DIY Dog Crate Ideas

Let’s talk about DIY Dog Crate Ideas! One of the more challenging aspects of pet ownership is a large decision: where to put your dog when you’re not home. You could train him to stay in a specific room as long as he has food and water, so you can meet them at night when came back home. On the other hand, some dog owners have found that they want their dogs with them all day long but are unsure how this would work out, so here the mobile DIY dog crates will come to place those which are easily portable, lighter in weight, and have all the facilities their canine friend need for his residence.

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All these requirements can be fulfilled by following this stunning list of DIY Dog Crate Ideas with the help of your DIYing skills. We have included almost infinity of luxuries for your four-legged family member in this list of crate homes. You can get every sized best affordable, reliable, and beautiful DIY dog crate ideas here, which will explore your mind and will provide excellent useabilites in reward if you make them. All you have to do is get the time out of your busy routine, select the best idea from our series given below and add a superb dog crate for your pup!

Tip: Some people wonder if crates are comfortable for dogs – let’s be honest here; it can get hot and uncomfortable inside one of those metal contraptions during summertime!. That’s why I hardly suggest making an effort at these DIY Dog Crate Ideas because we did proper research to provide you the most beneficial plans which will ensure the greatest residence experience for your pet.

DIY Large Wood Pet Crate:

DIY Large Wood Pet Crate

Keep your dogs close and cozy with this attractive end table that doubles as a pet crate. With ample ventilation on the top for warmer days, it can also serve as an optimal kennel when housed inside a living space. We offer this fresh alternative in home decor for those weary of the steel cages and utilitarian look that comes with them for those who want to join the craze of pet ownership without relinquishing your living room space. This Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table will allow you to keep your dogs close by and still maintain impressive decor. And at 37 inches high, its smaller holes mean you won’t have to keep getting down on all fours to talk eye-to-eye with your pals.


How To Build An Indoor Dog Kennel:

How To Build An Indoor Dog Kennel

This DIY Indoor Dog Kennel project will be an excellent piece for homeowners to have for their homes. This DIY idea is excellent for any dog lover! The kennel not only looks great but doubles as a media table or sofa table. Perfect for housing your dogs or pups while you are away from home. With dimensions of 5ft long, 20 inches deep, and 30 inches tall, every inch is maximized with style. We guarantee it will be the best kennel house you make this year!


DIY Dog Crate:

DIY Dog Crate

Your dog deserves the best shelter, so why not make your custom-built DIY Dog Crate? You’ll get a template to use when assembling and decorating. It’s made with heavy-duty materials to withstand tough dogs so your pup can be at peace in their den. It will be a modern stylized piece for your home decor, plus the excellent appearance will make it everyone’s heartedly favorite. You can use its top as a side table for your bedroom or a lamp table and have much more useabilities.


DIY Neutral Dog Crate:

DIY Neutral Dog Crate

This fabulous DIY dog crate will be an excellent sophisticated piece for your home decor, plus the stylized appearance will make it your heartedly favorite. It can be a decent gift for your home decor and the best option to use as an indoor dog rest place for your canine friend. The size of this dog crate will depend upon the size of your dog, plus you can also make some customization to this dog crate to make it fit your home decor. Put a lamp on the top of this dog crate or keep your phones to use as a side table for the bedroom.


Dog Kennel Coffee Table:

Dog Kennel Coffee Table

Your dog deserves a place to call their own, and this beautiful coffee table is perfect for them. This piece is handcrafted with quality materials, so your pets will have a safe and comfy space all their own. It has a metal body and a wooden top, making it quite sophisticated and functional; you can go with the lamp on the top or use it to keep other essentials near you. This stunning masterpiece will be an excellent piece for your home decor and a rest zone for your pet animal. Go with a decent blanket to make the interior cozier and comfortable; you’ll surely admire the useability of this dog crate.


Corner Dog Crate for 2 Dogs Idea:

Corner Dog Crate for 2 Dogs Idea

The Corner Dog Crate for 2 Dogs Idea supports two pets and their individual housing needs. The inside kennel is large enough to walk around without difficulty, with five sq feet of space and perforated sides for fresh air circulation. Supervised time outside the crate is allowed through a door that’s outfitted with a paw-friendly dog door. This attractive piece can be used as living room furniture or moved to the backyard, so your family still feels like part of their pet’s world while staying safe themselves!


Laundry Room Dog Crate:

Laundry Room Dog Crate

This must-have dog crate has been a lifesaver for those times when I need to do laundry, clean the floors, or mop without having to worry about my pup escaping. You’ll find the snug-fit crates that were durable but not bulky like many metal ones on the market; but you’ll surely be thrilled to have this airy design. The crate is less than 2 feet wide and taller than your ten-pound Pomchi; it would also be great to change the size of this laundry room to make it suitable for other breeds.


Hidden Crate Under An End Table:

Hidden Crate Under An End Table

This stunning DIY dog crate will be great to bring a touch of sophistication to your home; as well making a fabulous sleep station for your dog. You and your dog can be in the same room; you don’t have to add any ugly furniture to spoil your room decor. Because here, we will tell you about utilizing the bottom space of your end table for making a decent dog crate. Place your end table along the wall and then use an iron grill or gauze to make the front of your dog crate; it will be an excellent useful masterpiece and a great ventilated home for your canine family member.


DIY Dog Crate End Table:

Dog Crate End Table

Was it difficult trying to choose a dog crate for your home? Many different sizes and style options can make it hard to find the best match; when you’re unsure what you want. With this multi-purpose table/crate, that’s finally no issue! Sleep well at night knowing your furry friend is comfortable in their cozy home; within arms reach from where they always need you the most. It has a sleek and trendy look, and almost any guest will love adding it to their living space anytime they come over because of how great it looks. Enjoy serving dinner with style while providing comfort for all those who visit, including our four-legged friends!


DIY Dog Crate With Sliding Door:

DIY Dog Crate With Sliding Door

Decorate your home with this DIY Dog Crate With Sliding Door, a beautiful and unique design that will add style to any room. The door slides shut easily but is almost impossible for furry friends to open, locking them in safely. But when it’s new, maybe helping your four-legged fella get used to the idea might be necessary. Encourage your dog with some treats or use comforting toys nearby so he feels more at home in his new crate!



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