DIY Changing Table Ideas For Kids Room

A good changing table can make all the difference when it comes to changing a baby’s diaper or doing any other sort of diaper-related work. With the right table, you will minimize the amount of movement necessary and maximize safety to make sure your little one doesn’t roll off and hurt themselves. Have a look at some DIY changing table ideas that might be able to help you create the kind of changing table you need for your household. If you’re looking at DIY changing table ideas, consider those that include a cabinet in the bottom that helps conceal the baby supplies and makes it easier for you to reach everything. These types of changing tables are nearly no-fail.

Free DIY Changing Table Ideas:

There are many different DIY changing table ideas to take advantage of, from using a dresser and changing pad to building your own. No matter how creative or simple your resources, all a changing table needs is storage and a place for the baby to lie. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a changing table but are still looking for something cute and functional, this list is for you. These DIY changing tables offer decorating and design ideas to meet any parent’s needs while using commonly found household items. So without wasting any time, select the best one and start adding it to your nursery room.

DIY Baby Changing Table:

DIY Baby Changing Table

This DIY baby changing table is the perfect project for those still lacking in the nursery department. Futura Furniture carries everything you need to create this table, and the best part, if you don’t have a daughter, make it into a shelf instead! All it requires is some wood, stainless steel brackets, and a few screws; 4 easy steps will get you through this project with no major headaches. It will surely be a great gift for your friend also.


DIY Hideaway Baby Changing Table:

DIY Hideaway Baby Changing Table

The hideaway changing table is necessary from the time your baby is born until they start to crawl. After adding a baby, you can easily see how one becomes a must-have; however, not many people want to have it open and lay it out for the whole world to see. This DIY hideaway changing table can space out the nursery and make things easier to deal with. This is a small children’s play changing table that can be drawn out for storage when not used. It is low to the ground for safety and is fitted with locks on one side. Also, It is attached to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.


Rustic X Changing Table:

Rustic X Changing Table

Wrap your precious little bundle of joy in our rustic changing table; its rustic appearance will be great, contrasting along with your modern room. The Rustic X DIY changing table creates a charming little storage area not just for your baby essentials but also for smaller items around the house. This great room addition is relatively easy to create and features a bunk bed for when the little ones outgrow it.


DIY Changing Table With Storage:

Discover how to build a DIY changing table with storage for your baby. This simple and rustic design is easy to make and can be used as your living room or bedroom console table. This is one of the most functional pieces of a nursery. It can store diapers, towels, wipes, and other changing essentials. You can make your own changing table with storage among so many available options on the market; a great way to have a great piece that suits your taste and style, not too pricey like buying it online. The tutorial offers more details, photos, ideas, and plans on how to implement this project.

DIY Modern Changing Table:

This modern changing table is via DIY. One look will surely convince you that this is a space-saving, cost-effective, and well constructed one. The best part of this changing table is it doubles as a console table or display unit with the minimalistic approach and the compartments that make it easy to utilize. With easy-to-follow steps outlined in the tutorial video, you will have no difficulty in putting it together, whatever your level of expertise with woodwork tools is!

DIY Dresser Table Build:

Every girl loves a good dresser table, and this one is our favorite with a removable tray/platform, which makes it possible to adjust the height! This DIY Dresser Table is easy to make and a great addition to any home or office. It features an attached tray that makes it easy to work on for meals, crafts, snacks, or just about anything else. Plus, with a removable tray, you can fit larger items in it too! This project comes with detailed instructions, photographs, and a video tutorial.

Modern Nursery Changing Table:

Modern Nursery Changing Table

The Modern Nursery Changing Table gives you our best guess at one of the most DIY projects we’ve ever seen. Gone are the days when changing tables was an afterthought, and no longer can you have that smelly cardboard box in the corner of your nursery. This DIY project will add a functional piece of furniture to your nursery, leaving you more room in closets and other storage areas. You have to be familiar with dealing with the miter saw, random orbit sander, and table saw.


DIY Repurposed Changing Table:

DIY Repurposed Changing Table

If you’re lacking a dresser or changing table in the nursery and have an IKEA bookshelf, look no further than this DIY repurposed changing table. It requires a bit of woodwork, plus the rest of the material used to make it cost-effective. You can easily customize this DIY table to work excellent for your baby’s nursery.


DIY Dresser To Changing Table:

DIY Dresser To Changing Table

In the space of a day and spending under $50, you can take that old, outdated dresser and replace it with one that holds your growing baby’s clothes. This will provide you with a functional way to keep your new baby happy and comfortable, all while saving yourself some money. There are different ways to modify this DIY changing table depending on the type of dresser/changing table you use. Woodtone Design doesn’t take responsibility if your creation doesn’t turn out exactly as planned.


IKEA Changing Table Hack:

IKEA Table Hack for nursery room

Since IKEA does not offer a changing table, here is another alternative that provides the same level of comfort for your baby while you change a diaper. This is the alternative for furniture that does not offer changing tables, and all you have to do is assemble it on top of the crib. All you need to do first is measure the crib’s height, and then all you have to do is put it in place, and your child has a handy place to wait while you deal with nappy time. There are detailed instructions available if you would like to see how this DIY is put together.


Easiest Changing Table DIY:

The Easiest Changing Table DIY is a one-stop shop for all your changing table needs. Space-saving and essential, this changing table combines the idea of a dresser and changing table into one to save space. Create a convenient new nursery design by adding the generous storage drawers that line the wall, or go smaller scale with the nappy bin that sits in the corner – it can even double as a cute bookshelf! Try this super easy and cost-effective project today.

DIY Changing Table Makeover:

This DIY changing table makeover is for those looking for a cheaper and less time-consuming way of giving their old changing table a new look. Anyone can do this do-it-yourself or DIY project at any skill level with the right amount of effort and creativity. All you need is some paint stain and time. For more convenience, follow the video guide step by step.

How To Make A Changing Table:

You can’t go wrong with a changing table. They’re great for keeping your little ones clean and comfortable, but they lack style. If you’re looking to get the most out of everything in your nursery, then it might be time to give your old table a new look! With this easy DIY project, you’ll learn how to take any old changing table and turn it into something stylish that fits with any room decor without blowing a ton of cash on something new.

DIY Changing Table Dresser:

Easy to make Baby Dresser

Use your imagination, and you can make a dresser for baby’s clothes or repurpose it as a side table or even a little office desk. This attractive piece will blend in with any home’s décor. This DIY changing table dresser is a budget-friendly, easy-to-do project that could last you a lifetime. The wood changing table dresser can also be used as just a dresser for any room in the house; it is versatile and functional. You can also use the paint to add a more personalized touch to this DIY dressing table.


DIY Nursery Changing Table Station:

Kid's nursery dresser Station

A DIY project that takes only half a day and costs around $80. This is a good project for those starting out or just looking for a quick fix without spending too much. Paint the dresser any color to match the nursery’s theme. This wood-changing table dresser can also be used as just a dresser for any room in the house; it is versatile and functional and great to gift your loved crafter friend.


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