23 Cheap DIY Doormats To Decorate Your Door Entrances

Everybody needs a doormat. These are low-key ways to improve your property, whether it’s hanging on the door or placed on the back window sill. I’m not talking about crazy postering or painting jobs as some people do; this is house sitting, and you must follow a few rules when it comes to your DIY doormats project. After doing some research and taking some advice from homeowners who have already done this, I came up with a list of 26 DIY doormats that each have their place in the grand scheme of things but still serve as good householding and provide an aesthetic improvement to your property.

Homemade DIY Doormats

All these given Doormats are easy to make and require almost very minimal materials for their creation; even you’re good at DIY or Not, you still can make probably all of these DIY doormats. The basic ideology behind making this collection of doormats is to encourage the DIYers to get rid of store-bought mats and to use the wasted and unwanted materials found in stores to produce something efficient and useful in this way; it will be a decorative addition to our homes and a friendly step towards our mother nature.

For the best homemade doormats, you can follow these options

  • DIY Doormat From Old T-shirts
  • DIY Hand Lettered Doormat

Why We Need DIY Doormats

Door mending is one of the essential DIY tasks; if you don’t do it properly, you will be damaging your home. It makes sense to have a doormat in every room of your house to deter visitors, make your home feel secure and clean, and remind you who is in charge. The most desirable DIY doormats are made of leather, sheets, and fabric with a smooth surface and large enough to discourage people from putting things behind them when going through doors. Besides all these factors, doormats have several other useabilites, making them your heartedly favorite and prominent part of your door entrances.

How To Make DIY Doormat With Cricut

Have you ever looked at a doormat and thought, “I could do this myself?” Now you can. If you have an imagination, let your creativity take over. You can have fun making something that can be fun for everyone to enjoy. Make variations with the written message or the design of the letters on the mat. By learning how to make your DIY Cricut doormat, you can keep it close to your heart no matter how far away from home you are.

DIY Cedar Doormat:

DIY Cedar Doormat


This multi-purpose DIY doormat is made up of cedarwood and rope. It is enough alluring to attract you with just one glance. It is easy to make, for it has no tough assembling parts. You can easily adjust the size according to your desire. You can even paint it with any color of your choice after giving it a finishing polish. The DIY Cedar Doormat is the perfect addition to the home decor that you have to be proud of. With all those laying in your garage, you can easily make this DIY doormat in no time.


DIY Wood Doormat:

DIY Wood Doormat


You can make this amazing-looking doormat all by yourself. This beautiful doormat comes with an excellent touch of class that would fit any entryway. It is very easy to do, even if it looks complicated. It is made of wooden planks and jute rope which works well together to give the doormat a unique look. Not to mention it will stand out in your home’s entryway due to its remarkable design.


How To Make A Doormat Out Of Recycled Rope:

How To Make A Doormat Out Of Recycled Rope


Pick and choose your ropes and follow instructions. You will come out with one of the coolest doormats you will ever need. It is so cool because it is made of recycled rope and can be used on multiple occasions. The pipes give it a nice touch too. It truly is fun to try this home project which saves you from spending on things that otherwise do not go for something that constitutes your comfort.


DIY Doormat For Your Fall Front Porch:

DIY Doormat For Your Fall Front Porch


This fall doormat is made of acorn caps, pinecones, and leaves. Depending on the size of your porches, you can make your doormat bigger or smaller. This mat will make a great addition to your home decor with its beautiful colors, seasonality, and simplicity. This DIY Halloween doormat is made using a doormat, burlap fabric, and inexpensive scrap material. The burlap makes the mats look old-fashioned, but it gives it that rustic touch. You can find the perfect autumn scrap material at your local craft store.


 DIY Fall Doormat:

DIY Fall Doormat


Large doormats like this one make sure your house stays clean during the Fall season. Featuring fall leaves all over, this mat is great for the autumn months. This is a perfect project for you to make on your own. The leaves are easy to apply, including the stems; they are very reminiscent of the true thing. You can place your personal touch with your favorite fall colors or decorate with pumpkins if you are not in the mood for falling leaves. This is a great product to have in your home when it is time for autumn.”


How To Make A Doormat With Old Clothes:

You will be awed in an instance when you realize you can learn how to make doormats out of old clothes. As with every cloth, the quality is carried into it when processed into that mat. You can use synthetic or natural fibers in the production of the doormat. I’m not encouraging you to buy things to make doormats but instead, find old clothes you may no longer need and make use of them. Hurry up! They are waiting for you.


DIY Doormat From Old T-shirts:

A T-shirt can be a great thing to have. It’s not just for putting on. This DIY project is just the right idea; you need to let that particular piece of clothing be useful even after using it. You can now officially turn that old shirt into a mat that will greet your guests when they go inside and leave them with another reason to admire you and your shoe for being creative and resourceful. And you still get to save on some costs by just using your old yet useful clothes.


How To Make A Door Mat Using A Sack:

Imagine the joy of having a doormat that will serve as a great memory for your kids. No need to worry about degrading because it is provided with an anti-slip feature. Scrubbing can be done using mild detergent and a scrub brush. The main reason why this is the best welcome mat is that it is made of material that absorbs dirt, molds, and germs underneath your feet. A multitude of designs is available to choose from, so pick the one you like best!

Wood DIY Doormat:

Wood DIY Doormat


This is a simple and easy-to-use doormat to place outside your door for those coming into your home. It is made from wood and should therefore last for a long time and should be easy to clean after each person who comes into the house has dirtied it. It is designed as an anti-slip doormat, so it should stay in one place as not to transfer dirt and mud from those who come inside.’ Give it away as a birthday present or leave it on your porch and enjoy people admiring your creation.


DIY Doormat Stencil For Fall:

DIY Doormat Stencil For Fall


This wonderful DIY fall stenciled doormat will let your guests know that they can come in, sit on the couch and relax after a long day out. The birds and the leaves on the background of this doormat will make them feel warm and cozy. You can also use this for your own home as a welcoming doormat. This awesome doormat comes with a positive message and is stenciled and hand-painted on 100% eco-friendly vinyl carpet. A great gift idea for those who love the fall season.


DIY Cricut Doormat:

DIY Cricut Doormat


Transform your old doormat into something extraordinary with the Cricut Maker Doormat DIY. This step-by-step project shows how simple it is to print your vinyl text and designs using your Cricut Maker. Load the mat with the paint, stencil, and at 850 watts, use your hairdryer to heat the mat to attach your vinyl cutouts. The possibilities are endless! It will be fun and affordable.


DIY Blessed Doormat:

DIY Blessed Doormat


This creative doormat is hand-painted on vinyl to prevent ripping, with a soft-grip silicone backing for safer porch steps. This welcome mat makes a great gift for newlyweds, newlyweds to be, or anyone who frequently uses the words “blessed” or “blessed to have you” in conversation. The DIY Blessed Doormat is the perfect way to welcome your loved ones home with a personal greeting or for apartment-dwellers to make their door “home sweet home.” If you don’t see your name in the design, you can place any custom text in the center instead!


How To Make A DIY Custom Doormat Without A Cricut Machine:

How To Make A DIY Custom Doormat Without A Cricut Machine


Want to make a custom doormat without a Cricut machine? This guide shows you how, with or without a Cricut machine. You can be creative and make your customized doormat. This guide shows you how to make a custom DIY doormat without Cricut machine. It will be a superb project for novice DIYers to try something new and unique and finish excellent results without spending too much.


How To Make A Stenciled Fall Welcome Mat:

How To Make A Stenciled Fall Welcome Mat


The fall is hitting so hard, so you have to make your front gate a little more welcoming. Welcome everyone with a new look at your doormat. This fall welcome mat will give you a wide range of stencil patterns from pumpkins, to spiders, from cute mice to charming cats. Delight yourself with all these options and make each doormat a small piece of your handmade artwork. If you are searching for that one thing that will make your porch look better, then this mat would be the absolute best thing to do.


How To Make A Doormat With Silhouette:

How To Make A Doormat With Silhouette


Decorating your front door or entrance can be a bit difficult. You need to find some mat that is clean and makes the house more appealing. The best way to achieve this is to make your doormat. One of the smoothest and easiest ways to do this would be by creating a silhouette doormat different from any other on the floor. If you are after an impressive piece of artwork, this DIY will give your home a real decor upgrade. Before you start crafting your doormat, it is important to understand the steps involved in making one. This guide has all the necessary information, including the materials that you need for this tutorial.


DIY Doormat For Thanksgiving:

DIY Doormat For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a special occasion, and it gives our homes a moment to pause and think of all the things we can be thankful for. The DIY Doormat for Thanksgiving is a fun way to decorate your front porch and let the world know that there is something we are grateful for. It is colorful and stylish. This is easy to make a project that will brightly decorate your entranceway. You will need T-shirt scraps, rope, needles, stuffing, scissors, pins, and a glue gun.


DIY Doormat Made Out Of Straw:

DIY Doormat Made Out Of Straw


Get this DIY doormat made out of straw. It is durable, easy, and very affordable. This is also perfect for autumn home décor since you can use any autumn-colored straws. This doormat will make your house look modern at the same time you are using eco-friendly materials. So what are you waiting for? The DIY Doormat Made Out Of Straw is a welcome addition to your home. You need some straws and other simple supplies to create this doormat for your front door.


Boo DIY Doormat:

Boo DIY Doormat


The Boo DIY doormat is a simple rectangular mat that can be made easily with the help of this product. All you need to do is cut the craft paper into strips, join them together using painter’s tape, and use any color paint to give it your touch. This doormat will provide you with detailed steps on making your doormat and how to keep it protected against water and sun damage. It will be very absorbent and will save you on these bad-weather days or when it rains picturesquely. It would be very durable considering that all the supplies are already treated to give it a long life.


DIY Hand Lettered Doormat:

DIY Hand Lettered Doormat


The DIY doormat paint makes a unique gift that is sure to brighten anyone’s day. The process of creating this DIY home decor item is so simple; anyone can do it. All you need are some basic painting supplies, an old doormat, sandpaper, paintbrushes, primer, and pain.  so easy! This doormat can be displayed in any room of your houses, such as the front entrance, bathroom, or craft room. The product measures 21 inches by 28 inches and is easy to clean. Thanks for looking!


Easy DIY Doormat Under $10:

Easy DIY Doormat Under $10


A DIY doormat that won’t cost a fortune!? Yes, I have you covered! This easy stencil-free doormat is painted on card stock. It uses designs that are free to use in your classroom, so you can create them in any color you want. The best part? Using this requires no cutting or gluing! Need an idea for a Teachers’ Appreciation gift? You got it!


How To Make A Doormat From Old Jeans:

If you want to decorate your door with a stylish and classy doormat, then why not try out this great idea? To give your mat its style, take the time to cut and paste old denim jeans to come up with something new and beautiful. You can also add some other materials such as felt and fabric for more visual appeal. Not only will the homemade doormat impress your family and friends, but it will also save you money, and instead of throwing away old jeans, you can keep it and turn it into something useful and cool.



DIY Doormat For Pet Lovers:

DIY Doormat For Pet Lovers


You can put a funny and entertaining caption on this DIY Doormat For Pet Lovers. This mat is great for dog and cat lovers and can be amusing in so many situations. For the person who loves pets so much, they bring them everywhere. This is the perfect housewarming or birthday gift. The doormat’s length is 8 feet. You can choose your favorite of four different designs. Give your pet pride of place and protect your porch at the same time with this doormat.




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