17 DIY Kitchen Shelves Ideas And Plans

Have you ever desired the DIY Kitchen Shelves Ideas in your kitchen? As we know the shelves are a great way to add extra storage to any kitchen, so you don’t have to spend time looking for a pan in the back of the cupboard because we are going to present you with some amazing ideas to organize your kitchen utensils and supplies efficiently. These kitchen shelves will be a convenient and simple way of improving your kitchen space without it being too obvious. Not only do they take up little floor space, but they can also be used to decorate the kitchen to suit your taste.

DIY Kitchen Shelve Projects

First, decide what size and shape you want your kitchen shelves to be. You can choose to have them on a plain wall or go with the hidden storage shelving ideas. Next, ensure that the items you place on your shelves are resistant to moisture, or else they might get messy when the humidity gets in, it will be beneficial while cooking and will also enhance the life period of shelved made with wood.

These DIY Kitchen Shelves ideas have been designed and made keeping in mind both appearance and functionality. If you follow the steps and ideas outlined here, it will be easy for you to create a unique look that is all your own. All these DIY Kitchen Shelves Ideas are inexpensive. The one thing you will need is time, so get a fabulous DIY Kitchen Shelves Idea from here and start renovating and adding easiness to your kitchen.

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Stunning DIY Open Shelving:

open shelving idea

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a big impact on your kitchen decor, follow this amazing open shelving idea that will maximize your space and add a funky modern style to your cooking room. It will be an inexpensive DIY project to make your home shine and feel more cohesive; you can place the spice jars, utensils, and other useful items on these shelves so the free space can get used for other tasks. If you’re living in an apartment or college hostel, you surely have to try this kitchen shelving idea because it will nullify your cluttering problems.


DIY Hanging  Kitchen Shelf :

DIY Hanging  Kitchen Shelf

A quick and easy project, this DIY Hanging Kitchens Shelf is the solution for a floating shelf in your kitchen. Made with storage in mind, the kit comes with all the tools you need to hang it. It’s a great way to add beauty while also gaining storage for food, cooking utensils, and more. If you want to add even more decoration to any kitchen, this amazing DIY shelves idea will hit best. It’s Very suitable for both newbies and experienced creators and does not require any additional tools or power tools. You can easily build it in a few minutes.


Kitchen Island With Shelf DIY:

Kitchen Island With Shelf DIY

This DIY Kitchen Island is a convenient place to prepare meals for friends and family. With two adjustable shelves that are large enough to contain your dinnerware, it also includes a cupboard with additional storage space for cups, glasses, or plates. This kitchen island is an excellent way for you to have extra storage, and it can also function as a platform for making your meals more enjoyable. So you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen; just make one masterpiece following this idea and shift your meal preparation to your desired places.


DIY Hexagon Shelves:

DIY Hexagon Shelves

These DIY hexagon shelves can be used to create stunning looks in your kitchen. They are made from high-quality materials and will last for many years; These shelves can install on any smooth surface, around corners, above a cabinet, or even above a countertop. The possibilities are endless! It is pretty easy to install these brackets since all you need to do is screw them into the wall or whatever surface you want them to hang onto using screws or nails. You can use them to store anything you want, plus they will also serve as a decent beautifying piece.


Kitchen A-shelf DIY:

Kitchen A-shelf DIY

These DIY A-Frame ladder shelves are the perfect way to organize and display your favorite kitchenware, collectibles, or memorabilia. The finished product is a completely customizable and highly stylish shelf. They are easy to make and come together in just a few simple steps. Plus, they look fantastic on all sorts of surfaces like walls, tables, bar tops even floors! No matter where you want to hang it, everyone will be asking where you got it from. Be sure to share this tutorial with them! All you need to complete this project are basic tools and materials found in most homes.

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DIY Kitchen Floating Shelves:

DIY Kitchen Floating Shelves

These simple DIY kitchen floating shelves add an elegant touch to any contemporary kitchen space. The edges of the shelves are live, so they seem to be part of the wall itself. A perfect fit for a rustic kitchen! The instructions are easy to follow, and the project can be completed in two days with basic tools and skills. Liven up your dull kitchen with these one-of-a-kind floating shelves. It will surely be your favorite DIY project.


DIY Rope Shelves:

DIY Rope Shelves

This is a fun project for any DIY-er! You could use any type of wood bar or thick rope. All you need is to secure the rope on top of the shelf, then add more rope at the bottom to hold heavier objects. The more weight you add, the more stable it will be. You could use this to make a simple kitchen island, bars in your house, or even give as a gift. It’s perfect for a small space or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of painting the wall. Plus, it’s inexpensive to make!


DIY Kitchen Shelf Ideas:

DIY Kitchen Shelf Ideas

There’s something about open shelves in a kitchen that make it feel airy and light. Maybe it’s the sense of fullness they create, or maybe it’s the pure versatility of having easy access to your plates, pans, and utensils. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself in less than two hours. They were super simple to put together and cost us less than $20 in materials, so just get time out of your daily routine and make your kitchen look trendy and splendid with these shelves.

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Durable Floating Shelves DIY:

Durable Floating Shelves DIY

Floating shelves have been gaining popularity recently. They are great for displaying items and making the kitchen look bigger. These DIY floating shelves will work perfectly in any room in your house. They’re very easy to make and cheap to build as well; these shelves will fit perfectly in a small space while offering you extra storage options. You’ll be able to fit large cookware sets on these shelves.

Plank and Pillow

DIY Shelves With Belt Straps:

DIY Shelves With Belt Straps

This is a unique idea that can be made from belts and wood on the walls. You can take your plates and cups on this shelf or flower vases and place them at the bottom of the shelf for decoration. It is easy to make these DIY shelves with belt straps. This is a creative idea which you can use in your kitchen to make it look more beautiful and elegant. You can also hang photos on it or make it into a reading corner. The wooden base makes this shelf strong and durable. And by using the straps, you will be able to hang many things from them.

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DIY Kitchen Floating Shelves:

DIY Kitchen Floating Shelves

This DIY Floating Kitchen Shelf is made out of reclaimed wood. It’s a simple but very effective way to add that rustic feel to your kitchen. These shelves will work well in a country, cottage, or farmhouse-inspired kitchen. You will need some reclaimed wood to make these shelves, but make sure it is strong enough to withstand the weight of all the dishes you are going to place on it. If you want to add some charm and character into your kitchen without spending a fortune on custom-made cabinets, these floating shelves are just what you need. To make sure the shelf will last a long time, use quality wood that has been properly dried out and kiln-dried at least three times.

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Low-Budget Kitchen Shelves:

Low-Budget Kitchen Shelves

With these low-budget kitchen shelves, you can organize your pots and pans beautifully. By using these shelves, you can keep jars off the counter and wall and organize your pots and pans more efficiently without taking up much space. It will also suit best to place the lamp and other useful accessories right neat your or kitchen or add a decorative essence. The sophisticated appearance of this kitchen shelve can bring up in your life using very cheap material, which makes this idea suitable for one who is tight on budget.


DIY Large Shelf:

DIY Large Shelf

Our Large Shelf is a do-it-yourself shelf. It can be customized to fit your kitchen’s storage needs. You can create a wall of shelves with this unit or convert one into two smaller units by adding more shelves. This item has a lot of shelf space and is good for pantries, linen closets, linen chests, or any place you need extra storage space for dishes, laundry, or other household items. If you’re looking for a large shelf in your kitchen to maximize storage space, look no further than this DIY project will hit best for you.
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20$ Wood Floating Shelves:

20$ Wood Floating Shelves

20$ Wood Floating Shelves are a great addition to your kitchen. The shelves have a modern design which makes them more interesting for you. These floating shelves are made of durable wood and are great to enhance the beautification of your kitchen. These wooden floating shelves are easy to install, so the help of professionals is not required. You can also choose a color that works best with the theme of your kitchen but remembers not to select white or black as it might not look good after some time, but the brown and wooden color fit best.


DIY Floating Shelf Idea:

DIY Floating Shelf Idea

This DIY open-shelf kitchen guide is the best idea for getting rid of an ugly cabinet. Here, you will find some awesome DIY floating shelves for sale that you can do on your own and install easily. This DIY kitchen shelves idea is easy to make, so you don’t need to hire a handyman or an architect. It will be a stunning, beautifying piece to enhance the admirability of your kitchen without spending too much.

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DIY Easy Open Shelving:

DIY Easy Open Shelving

Here’s a great storage idea for small kitchens. This DIY project will help you out! See how to easily build this super easy shelving unit that takes little space but can be used to store many different things. Very easy to make an excellent option to provide amazingly vast storage options to your kitchen. The wavy front appearance and the larger size will make this shelving idea everyone’s heartedly favorite.

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DIY Glass Window Shelves:


When you create your glass window shelves, you are the designer. You are limited only by your imagination and skill. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be looking for ways to install glass windows everywhere!. So get started with this easier shelving project; not only do they transform a plain kitchen cabinet into something special, but they have some other excellent functionalities too, which make them everyone’s favorite. You can put a decorative flower vase over these glass shelves to get the natural touch in your spicy aired room; it will always show your sense of creativity.


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