DIY Pencil Holder Ideas To Organize Your Work Desk

If you are among those who have a penchant for organizing items in neat rows and arranging them on a worktop, then having a DIY pencil holder may be the thing that you need. After all, what’s more creative than stacking items, so they resemble sharps containers or beanbags? No more searching through drawers or cabinets for your supplies when you could place them on a table like so many pieces of art. Having an organizing tool available for your use will make working on paper much more enjoyable. And, aside from making work more organized, creating these DIY pencil holder ideas will also help you score some points with your fellow writers.

DIY Pencil Holder Ideas

DIY Pencil Holder Ideas

These DIY pencil holder projects are great for creative types. You’ll be able to keep all of your writing and drawing materials easily organized with these vintage and modern methods. With so many options available, you’ll never have trouble finding one that suits your style exactly. From scribblers to pencils and pens, it would be easier to have them contained in one place. We have put together 13 DIY pencil holder ideas that are easy to make. Just buy the appropriate materials, and you can get started on these projects today. Are you looking for some easy and useful DIY pencil holder ideas? Here we have shared 13 unique DIY pencil holders. Read on to find your favorite one!

Simple DIY Pencil Holder:

Simple DIY Pencil Holder

You take the lead in learning through play with a DIY pencil holder; that’s not difficult to assemble at all! It is designed for children, and it doesn’t involve too much effort or time. Write a quick note inside, then allow your child to decorate their pencil holder. Start personalizing this product today and show off what you made tomorrow because many designs you can take from when making the next one. Add a magnet and make it part of your reading table for quiets times right away!


DIY Pencil Holder From A Jar:

DIY Pencil Holder From A Jar

Why spend the money when you can make your own? Make a beautiful DIY pencil holder for yourself following this excellent option. This easy, creative and beautiful project works with any glass jar to produce this useful art piece that will last forever because it’s made from recycled materials. You don’t have to be artsy or crafty to create this masterpiece – follow these instructions and watch your imagination come alive! It will act as an excellent masterpiece to hold a bunch of pencils, markers, and a lot of other stuff on your reading desk.


DIY Cork Pencil Holder:

DIY Cork Pencil Holder

It’s a new DIY project to keep your workspace from looking dull and lifeless. This creative and colorful DIY Cork Pencil Holder is quick to make for a beautiful workstation. With the help of stencils, you can have this stylish cork pencil holder in a few minutes. For use in any workspace, this handmade fixture will fight desktop clutter and amp up your office with its smart design without skipping pretty colors. It will be great in appearance as compared to the boring store-bought items.


DIY Pencil Holder With Cork:

DIY Pencil Holder With Cork

Have you ever seen something really simple that is just so smart and functional? This project is very easy to make, provides an attractive accent to your desk, and will keep your workspace looking tidy! With different shapes made out of cork wood and glue, there’s a great chance you’ll find one that fits your style preferences in no time at all. Use cork material to make something intricately crafted and beautiful. Drill holes on each round side and slowly attach them back-to-back, so they stack nicely as one whole piece.


DIY Pencil Holder:

DIY Pencil Holder

Made from high-quality 3D printing materials, this DIY pencil holder is a surefire hit with the kids. The mole makes for an adorable design that you can print out and customize by determining how many holes are needed, so they have their own personal manmade storage space for their supplies. Not only is it cute, but it’s practical too! When you need to keep things neat and orderly, this fantastic DIY pencil holder will surely hit best.


DIY Knex Pencil Holder:

DIY Knex Pencil Holder

What better way to get ready for the new school year than with style and simplicity? This DIY Knex Pencil Holder is where creativity meets functionality!. By crafting this piece, there’s no need to worry about where you’re keeping all of your pencils. Whether big or small, they’ll be easy to come by at any time! Use it as an iconic childhood toy; this organizer holds up to 30 pencils and features four separate compartments so you can keep all of your necessities in one place.


Pencil Organizer For Desktop:

Desktop Pencil organizer

To help you organize your desk and get rid of all those sharp pointy edges, we’re getting to the root of your problem with this DIY pencil holder! With little sections in between each slot so you can decide what goes where. This pencil holder stand is easy to make, and you’ll heartedly fall in love with it. This is the perfect solution for anyone who needs an inexpensive and creative way to hold their pencils. Just throw a few wood scraps together today! It will suit best for a simple design for plenty of room and your office supplies.


Simple Pencil Organizer:

Simple Pencil Organizer

You might never know it, but your teacher can get very organized in a pinch. That’s why we’re offering an excellent DIY pencil holder for the teacher; you love to show her just how much you care. You would need an old jar or tin with some weight, making this gift that much more of a surprise! We made sure the colors can match your special someone’s taste, too, so there is nothing left to do but fill that jar up with pencils, pens, markers, highlighters-whatever she needs. It will surely act as a decluttering agent for your reading table.


Concrete Style Pencil Holder:

Concrete Style Pencil Organizer

Forget about the traditional and average DIY pencil holders. This Concrete-Style DIY pencil holder is the perfect way to get a one-of-a-kind piece that you can use in any space of your home or office! With these two easy steps, you can make yourself an everlasting concrete holder: You will need to gather some cement, water (1/2 bottle), latex gloves, and a patching leveler (must be preheated). After fixing them in their right positions and letting everything set for another overnight period, magic happens and out pops your splendid creation!


Simple Concrete Pencil Holder:

Simple Concrete Pencil Holder

Add some personality to your desk by making this concrete pencil holder. This DIY project will be great for those who love being creative and aren’t afraid of a little mess. Minimal supplies are needed, but don’t worry- we’ll make preparing them easy! Build a creative DIY pencil holder that doesn’t look like it came from a craft store! This idea will guide you through making concrete and shaping the base for your pen. It will be great to make something to last on any desk or kitchen counter.


Heart DIY Pencil Holder:

Heart Pencil organizer

Adopt the true DIY spirit with the Heart DIY Pencil Holder design. This practical polyester pencil case is just what you’ve always wanted in your life – and it’s worth a million bucks! Your pencil will never again go missing, as you can always find it with this pretty DIY pencil holder. It’s Easily customizable and durable, plus everyone’s heartedly favorite. This heart pencil holder will be a stunning admirable piece for your use and a decent gift for your beloved friend.


DIY Pencil Holder:

DIY Pencil Holder 1

Show off your creativity with a DIY pencil holder. You can get creative from any angle without holding back, and even if it needs to be disposable, so be it! Pop open the top of cans that come from processed food meant for trash bins to designate them as “pencil holders” for you. If you use clean jars instead, don’t forget to remove the labels beforehand. Accessorize each one with pieces such as lace or ribbon finished by gluing everything into place.


DIY Wooden Pencil Holder:

DIY Wooden Pencil Holder

You’re never too old or too young to create something beautiful with your own two hands! Entertain bored children in long lines with these cute little wooden pencil holders! Get ready for awestruck reactions from onlookers who will be amazed by your handiwork. This is the best gift you could give someone to show how much they mean to you. It’s a simple DIY project that doesn’t require any skills, making it perfect for anyone and everyone. Give yourself a memorable present this holiday season and treat someone else with kindness at the same time. We’ve included easy-to-follow instructions so all ages can enjoy this craft together as well.


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