20 Easy To Make DIY Slide Projects

DIY slides Projects are compulsory for one to follow who has little family members rushing around in the home; with these slides, they will keep them busy interestingly. Your toddlers will never get bored while sliding because it’s a spontaneous game of inertia that provides them satisfaction. In my opinion, Making things is fun, and besides, it is more rewarding than working a 9-5 job, which is often soul-destroying.

That’s why the DIYers spend a happier life than the other office workers, so If you’re also looking to train your kiddos for indoor activities and want to inspire them for Do-It-Yourself Tasks. Then this series of attractive, easy to make, and functional DIY Slide Projects will surely amaze you. Dive into this variety of creative projects and get your crafty skills out to bring a huge smile to your little one’s face.

Slides Ideas Cheap And Easy

I try to engage all types of readers in this series of DIY Slide Projects by putting together the easiest, inexpensive smaller, larger, and different types of slide creation ideas. It will be the biggest collection of DIY Slides you find online, so if you’re willing of something interesting, you must have to explore this list.

DIY Slide Made of Lumber:

Are you looking for a cheap way to make your backyard more fun and exciting for the whole family? Then DIY Slide Project is just what you need. It will be a great option to bring a stylized and fun point to your backyard; you can go with the affordable, durable, and sturdy lumber for this slide project; it will enhance the lifetime of this Diy project and will be great fun to deal with. This unique DIY project will be super easy, but some patience is needed to get step-by-step instructions; you can go with the video attached here.

How To Build A Rolling Pipe Slide:

How To Build A Rolling Pipe Slide DIY

Pipe slides are a unique and interactive way to get attention at the next trade show or event, so check out how you can build one yourself. This unique Rolling pipe will be a playing option for your little ones, and they will love its admirability. The finished project cost is about 8-0 dollars but depend upon the length of slide you need and the length of pipes you’re going to use. Overall it will be a great hit DIY project on the internet, and the endless useabilities make it everyone’s favorite.


How To Build A Slide With Wood Boards:

A DIY wooden slide is perfect for the young ones to drain energy and to build motor skills. This wooden playground is ideal for young ones who are looking to experience endless amounts of playtime and as they climb, slide, and discover their imaginative minds. It will be a children’s favorite DIY slide option, and surely it will take lat in your backyard or garden for years. If you are confused about the construction of this IY wooden slide, you can follow the video tutorial.

How To Bend Wood Into A DIY Slide:

Slide your feet down a wooden slide and get ready to go so fast your head will spin. This detailed tutorial shows you the best wood bending techniques out there to create your custom, hand-made, homemade slides made from one single tree trunk. Bend that wood, shape it in any way you desire, and find yourself with anything but dry feet at just how beautiful these slides are. There is no need for fancy floors, and this is an easy project if you’ve got some basic knowledge of woodworking techniques. Getting kids involved? It will be great fun.

Outdoor Playset Slide:

The DIY outdoor playset slide is a favorite of children and adults. It gives kids hours of fun on the slides they are building themselves or with help from mom or dad. Slides have always been popular at school playgrounds, so it’s great that you can now build your own for hours of backyard fun! The creation of this DIY slide will be great fun; The high-quality lumber will give your child a sturdy, dependable structure that’s built to last. All you need to do is bring the creativity and tools.

DIY Cardboard Slide:

Can anyone imagine having the slide made of cardboard? Although it seems impossible because cardboard isn’t so hard to hold the weight, the DIYers come into play here. This beautiful and smooth slippery slide is a highly recommended project by most DIYers. The DIY Cardboard Slide is a sturdy, elegant and affordable slide that can be put together in minutes. For anyone looking for something not only easy to assemble but also durable, this might be the answer you’re looking for.

Halloween Candy Slide DIY:

Halloween Candy Slide DIY

This Halloween Candy Slide DIY is great for little trick-or-treaters. It comes with a plastic skull that has a hole in the mouth and can be filled with candy at one end. The kids will love to end up with their hands covered in sweet treats as they pull the cotton strings, which will cause the stream of candy to come out through the skull’s teeth. If you’re going to host the November 5th party at home, you surely have to add this fun masterpiece to your decorations.


How To Build A Giant Slide DIY:

How To Build A Giant Slide

Are you looking for a jaw-dropping summer task? Well, this beauty will do the job! Make sure to consult with a professional before building.
We provide tutorials and fantastic tools to help you execute your ultimate childhood dream. If you’re up for an extreme challenge, slip on that swimsuit and strap in – we’ve got the slide!. This product should not be used by those who fear heights or do not wish to take the chance of injury because they are too cautious. However, overall it would be a great DIY pool slide to try.


Building A Monster Play Slide:

Building A Monster Play Slide

If you don’t have the time or resources to rent a monster play side from us, take some inspiration for your creation! The tutorial will teach you how to make an equally as cool DIY monster slide using metalwork experience. Follow these instructions carefully, and all construction work must be geared towards safety first; there are no shortcuts for this kind of thing. It will be the perfect gift for that person with an intense need to be creative and get in their head about it.


How To Add A Slide To Your Stairs:

How To Add A Slide To Your Stairs

Nervous about the safety of slippery, wet staircases? With this product, you can create a safer option for everyone in your home to get up and down the stairs with ease. Mounted tightly onto your existing staircase, it provides added traction and stability while serving as an exciting new way to share memories. This decent slip-slide will be a fun option for kids, and it wouldn’t be wrong o day that this project is mainly designed for kid’s amusement. So, without wasting any time, put your hands on this DIY project and add a removable slippery track along with your stairs.


DIY Wooden Slide:

DIY Wooden Slide

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your child this Christmas? Look no further. This DIY Wooden Slide is a fun toy and teaches children about woodworking and carpentry while allowing them to learn with their hands. It’s perfect for kids ten years old or older and will keep them entertained on those lazy summer days too!. This fantastic DIY slide will be great to bring those joyous moments to your little one’s life, and they will wish to spend their leisure inside the home’s boundary.


DIY Indoor Wooden Slide:

DIY Indoor Wooden Slide

Our Wood Slides are made with durable hardwood and colorful fiberglass. Making it the perfect DIY indoor activity for your toddler or a great addition to any playroom or nursery. Toddlers and kids love it for hours of playtime fun, and you’ll even get some aerobic workout assembling this slide affordably! Assemble this outdoor marvel in around four hours total and see it grow lifetime memories while watching grandchildren sprout up like weeds in happy little hearts everywhere!



DIY Stairs Slide:

Kids often need to take a break from the outdoors and come inside for dinner or just plain old trips to the bathroom. Give them an easy in-between outdoor play opportunity with this creative DIY stairs slide. Use whatever boxes you have on hand (whether they’re heavy boxes like books or lighter ones like cereal) to build a stairway right up the wall and turn it into a makeshift slide that people of all ages can enjoy! The best part? It’s cheap since cardboard is plastic-free and your creativity never expires.

DIY Kids Slide:

Tired of watching your kids look longingly out the window each day while their friends go on a fun playdate at the park? You can create the ultimate playground right in your backyard! The DIY Kids Slide is an inexpensive way to bring some life back into your home. All you need are milk jugs, cardboard boxes, decorative paper, and a glue gun, and you’ll be slinging slides faster than those sneaky squirrels outside! These kid’s DIY slide board is a great way to recycle stuff lying around the house, such as scrap wood you might find in your workshop or scraps of fabric and paper that would otherwise go to waste. It’s simple enough that even beginners can assemble it in under an hour.

DIY Outdoor Slide:

DIY Outdoor Slide

The DIY Outdoor Slide is perfect for children (and adults) who enjoy spending their time outside in nature. The idea comes with easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need to know about building your elaborate outdoor structure, complete with a slide. This amazing DIY kit is perfect for outdoor fun! You can easily customize the size and design of this DIY slide to make it fit your will.


DIY Slip And Slide:

DIY Slip And Slide

The DIY slip and slide have been an internet sensation with how simple it is to make one. Get ready for the day where you can take your t-shirt off and not be hot on a scorching summer day. This DIY outdoor slide is an inexpensive solution to cooling down in any home. This unique DIY slide project will be great fun for your home decor, and the kids will love to slip and slide over it; even if you can’t allow kids to swim in the pool, this slide is safe.


DIY Slide:An easy sliding escape to kid's playhouse

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make your backyard more fun? Stop spending money on costly play equipment, and start making it yourself with this DIY slide. It can easily be attached to an existing playhouse or given its own space by mounting it alongside an already-built climbing wall. The durable polyester construction is sure to stand up against any adventurous child that tests their boundaries. But don’t stop yet! We also have instructions for adding lights, quirky graffiti graphics, and even swinging platforms if you want the kids to feel like stars in their very own theme park! Follow the tutorial for more information.


DIY Water Slide:

Slipery track for water party

Take a break from traditional pool entertainment and create an inventive water slide right at home. Summer is the perfect time to make a DIY water slide with this easy-to-follow how-to guide. Whether you are hosting an outdoor birthday or summertime get-together–look no further than your stairs for hours of fun in the sun–that is literally within reach!. It’s never been easier to make your own DIY water slide. With just a few supplies and the help of our exclusive tutorial, you’ll have hours of fun at any event. Kids will enjoy it on hot summer days, but adults can use this too for company picnics or a backyard pool party!.


Box Slide DIY:

It’s time to get creative and construct your backyard box slide DIY. Box Slides are a popular way for adults and children alike to enjoy the thrill of navigating their way down one! This DIY kit is perfect for those who want to find their creativity as they put together their very own design, with enough material included in this idea to allow you to make at least three slides – or more depending on how many creative minds you have in the mix. Be sure that you follow all necessary instructions throughout the process; it will make it much easier going forwards when accidents happen (which they do!).

DIY Slip And Slide:

It’s summertime, and it may be too hot to play outside. But don’t worry! You can still have a blast with our DIY Slip n Slide. With only a few supplies you probably already have lying around the house; this easy-to-assemble slip and slide will provide hours of slick sliding fun until your water supply runs dry! It works great if you’re outing to some hilly areas where you’ll find 15 to 20 degrees of the slope; it will make this DIY slide more fun, and you will heartedly admire you drowning below.

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