21 DIY Sliding Doors For Modern Homeowners

DIY Sliding doors can be a great way to increase the area of your home that everyone can see. Do you want to make your home more open and spacious? Do you like the idea of sliding doors that can be opened and closed? Or maybe you want to have some neat little doors that can help open up your garden. Rather than decorating the entrances with doormats, we can also replace the traditional doors with something creative and trendy.

All these useabilities can be achieved by installing superb functional DIY sliding doors into your home. They are usually lighter in weight plus require very minimal space for their installment, and every DIYer can customize them easily up to its desire. We came here with the ultimately impressive and unique plus easy-to-make DIY sliding doors ideas to blow up the minds of passionate DIYers and to make stunning renovations modern and rustic homes without spending a special fortune.

How To Make DIY Sliding Door From An Old Door

Some of these given ideas come with excellent useabilites but don’t cost even a single penny, yes I am serious you can also turn some regular old doors into something beautifying and unique for your home decor with these interesting DIY sliding doors ideas.


  • DIY Rustic Sliding Door
  • DIY Sliding Door For Cabinet

Homes with DIY sliding doors seem to have a bit of extra charm about them, so why not replace regular doors with some unique ones following these ideas.

How To Build A Modern Sliding Door

One of the surefire ways to freshen up your home without spending too much money on this is to replace old ones with new ones. The idea is pretty common in books, magazines, and TV shows. This process can be done by customizing your sliding door. All you need is wood, iron pieces, hardware, glass, and screws, which will cost you around $150. This installment will show you how to build a modern sliding glass door, so you can replace an old sliding door in your house.

How To Build And Install A Sliding Door:

How To Build And Install A Sliding Door


This tutorial will guide you in the process of building and installing a sliding barn door. This type of door is very common with homes with old heritage or in farmhouses that are not in the city; they are quite hard to come by nowadays. It has many uses, whether it’s for your bedroom, dining room, closet, or even kitchen. With detailed, step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to build and install a sliding door. This door runs on two rails so you can form an opening. With this guide, you will frame the pieces and attach the frame on either side of the wall.


DIY Modern Sliding Door:

DIY Modern Sliding Door


Frosted glass doors are the traditional finish for modern sliding doors. This is because of their ability to filter light into any room while remaining private. You can also choose different textures on the glass. The glass door is an easy DIY project that only requires the use of a saws-all or similar pipe cutting tool, some woodworking adhesives, fabric, and several flat pieces of wood. This gives you the ability to pull it towards you for complete privacy when needed. Make sure to take the time to install the actual track when applying one of these into your home. Details are very important, especially when trying to complete the project without issues.


DIY Sliding Barn Door:

The DIY sliding barn door is designed to slide without any stress. It is a good addition to your household, especially when you add a rustic look to your bathroom. Like it shows in the video, you can build your sliding barn door out of wood. You will need to take accurate measurements, cut out the pieces of wood to size, and then fit them into a frame with some screws or nails. Once that’s done, you can transfer the door into position and set the wheels on the side of it.


 DIY Simple Sliding Door With Shoji Paper:

Have you ever seen a shoji paper sliding door? This is one great feature that adds more beauty to our living spaces. The DIY Simple Sliding Door With Shoji Paper is your answer if you are an avid DIY person. Just follow the video tutorial, measure out your door size, cut out the pieces, glue them together, fill them with shoji paper, and hang them on your wall or door! The door itself is not hard to make because it is made of plywood. The intricacy is the grooves that are cut out for the shoji paper to fit into

DIY Sliding X Door:

The DIY Sliding X door is an easy-to-build project that can ensure sliding doors in any size or configuration. This design is easily adaptable to any sliding door. The design is supported with wood, an antique, simply accessible, and a handful of basic tools for you to build it easily in your house. The important thing in the building is to install the track because it will run on the tracks nicely to make your door sliding smoothly. The minimum tools required are wood pieces, sliders, an antique, or any freely accessible board, screws, and a handful of basic tools. To hang the board, you must install the track.



How To Build A Sliding Barn Door:

How To Build A Sliding Barn Door


The time has come to update your boring doorway. With this sliding barn door system, you can do just that in no time. There are many options available when it comes to the materials, so give this idea a try. The advantage of building this one is that it is quite simple and easy to do. Let’s take a look at the framing first. The framing should be pretty much square and easy to use. You can see that I have two 4×8 sheets of OSB. I’m using double 2x8s on top & bottom for sturdiness and strength. It takes some time to cut, but it’s worth it if your tool is sharp.


DIY Sliding Door For Cabinet:

DIY Sliding Door For Cabinet


Have a tall cabinet and in need of a door? This is a sliding door which you can put on it! Are you in a hurry to cover up the rest of the cabinet? This DIY sliding door will be good enough to work on. It will be versatile to fit in your space, being shallow or being deep. It’s made of pallet wood and is ideal for this purpose. The sliding hinges are also kept old to get the original look of the door. The whole thing has been finished with polyurethane giving it a professional look. You can get all of the materials at the hardware store, even the door panel for this project.


How To Make A Sliding Barn Door:

Barn doors are very pretty and great for making an entrance to your store. As you can imagine, you should build it some inches wider than usual so that you have enough space for opening. To make sure you get the exact measurements for your door, attach the template to your plywood first. If you want to achieve this look with different parameters, change the size of your frame by using lumber of different sizes or attach the frame to the wall with metal brackets. It will be an easier DIY project, and the court video guide will also help you in this regard.

DIY Space Saving Sliding Door:

DIY Space Saving Sliding Door


This DIY Space Saving Sliding Door is designed for a modern and industrial touch. The door has qualities like sliding smoothly with different materials, working well even without power. You can build the door frame and assemble your part. The wheels are easy to install; screw all the parts together. This will give you more time to do other important things in your day. It can be used indoor or outdoor; you can use it at the back of the house or near the garage for extra space.


How To Make A Sliding Door Under $40:

How To Make A Sliding Door Under $40


The idea here is to build a framework on which you can lay some plastic sheets on. This is optional. The frame should have four wheels attached to the bottom so that it can be easily moved around. Two fixed wheels on both sides, one wheel in the front and one wheel in the back. The design involves normally used plumbing parts, making the sliding door extra functional and easy to install. It can be featured at home, office, patio, and garage areas.


DIY Rustic Sliding Door:

DIY Rustic Sliding Door


Build a centerpiece for your living room or mudroom with this DIY rustic sliding door. This pallet wood door is durable and easy to build. It’s great for homes with limited space since you can install it on your existing space. Carve it the way you want, lend all of your creativity. Be safe; make it strong first, then decorate. This is a long wooden door that has been painted to give it a rustic look. A piece of the iron clip has also been tied to two parts of the wooden structure to make the door’s handle.


DIY Sliding Barnwood Door:

DIY Sliding Barnwood Door


This DIY sliding Barnwood door is the best way to upgrade your home. It has a special design that will complement your modern or rustic-inspired décor. It will be a creative way to fill in an entryway or over your bed. The Barnwood plank is flat and an ideal surface for any hardware. Mount the hanging system to the wall with heavy-duty screws and fix a flat bar across the opening to support the weight. Miter a solid wood panel with a barn board attached to the top half, then stain and paint your hardware.


DIY Sliding Closet Door:

DIY Sliding Closet Door


Get a closet door in a whole new light with the DIY sliding closet door. The door will be sliding into a narrow nook in your room, so it will need to be installed by a carpenter who can ensure that it is framed strong enough. Our DIY Sliding Closet Door comes with all the tools and hardware you need to install it, as well as detailed instructions and illustrations to guide you through the process. With its strong metal rails, precise measurement characteristics, and a touch of style, this door is all you need for your home.


How To Build A Sliding Door In 30 Minutes:

How To Build A Sliding Door In 30 Minutes


Create a sliding door in your space by cutting the width of the opening to the exact size you want. Measure carefully—the cut needs to be precisely made. Once you’ve cut this opening, start with the face frame and attach it to the sides so that there is room for a piece of plywood between them. Make sure that everything is even before you proceed further. This ensures that everything will stay level and straight down to be hung into place.


DIY Sliding Door:

DIY Sliding Door


Do It Yourself Sliding Door is so easy to build! This sliding door combines the barn sliding door and garden gate perfectly. How unusual. But this item is made of good quality wood, so it’s very solid. Instead of hiring someone to help you build the door, start immediately making your sliding door! The wood boards shall be cut accurately according to your design. The entire look of this project will be enhanced by attaching a few accessories such as lights, a door fixture, and a lock.


DIY Sliding Wardrobe:

A DIY sliding door can make your living room look cooler and better. This DIY project should help you make a great sliding door. First, choose the right tracks and hangers. Then get the wood or pine, and then assemble it to become a door. Replace the wood with an aluminum rail and fix the door that slides open and closed. It will save you a lot of time and energy in building one. Here we recommended some details: The pine and wooden sheets with the designs and colors for your choice. Then assemble them.


DIY Modern Sliding Barn Door:

You can get your DIY Modern Sliding Barn Door at the market with the special, tailor-made bracket. It saves your time and energy so that you can apply it to other projects. The sliding barn door is convenient for houses with limited space, especially the bathroom or small space where you want to close it. So it’d be your right choice if you’re looking for something like this. Build and install according to instructions, and you’ll be enjoying a rustic yet functional sliding door in no time!


How To Make And Install A Sliding Door:

Making a sliding barn door for your home is a fun endeavor that can personalize any space. The process focuses on creating a frame for the door and finding the perfect hardware to hang it up. Barn doors were made as a throwback to old designs, so now you can try out those same designs from years past in your own home. It was not as easy as we thought it would be, but it worked out great in the end. We had a great time doing this, and it sure is an eye-catcher.


How To Build And Install A Sliding Door:

How To Build And Install A Sliding Door 1


The process for building a sliding closet door is relatively simple, with the most important part being to measure each element of your closet accurately. When measuring, check that all holes are correct, then you are ready to build the frame. Constructing one requires special tools, good building skills, and accurate measuring. A sliding patio door works on tracks, allowing it to move smoothly. To install one, you need to build the frame of the door, prepare the wall opening and attach the hardware.


DIY Sliding Door:

DIY Sliding Door 1


A DIY sliding door made of molded mirrored plastic. This open-slide door sits on a single stainless steel track, perfect for creating a space divider or wedge between two spaces. To keep the doors in place while moving them, attach small rubber stops along the track at suitable intervals. Use an appropriate handle to grip the doors and move them easily along their tracks. You can do this DIY sliding door yourself without spending too much money; the project cost should be measured in your time and effort.



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