15 Convenient DIY Solar Pool Heater Projects

Start enjoying hours in your pool at a fraction of the cost of resorting to a commercial heater after a few years. Save on time too! Instead of cranking up an old-fashioned gas-powered pool heater, why not try out one of the DIY solar pool heaters? These DIY solar pool heaters don’t give you full healing power like their more intricate cousins, but rather if you can’t afford to hire a pool heater, then one of the procedures in this list will save you some money on gas or electric bills. Installation of these solar pool heaters is typically straightforward once you have decided which idea hit best for your needs.

DIY Solar Pool Heater Projects 1

DIY Solar Pool Heater Projects

Every one of us surely needs a solar pool heater for our home because heating water with electricity or gas costs too much, so if you are also fond of having solutions with DIY hacks and are convinced with my opinion, then this list of DIY solar water heaters will surely amaze you by providing a number of easiest and useful pool heating tricks to make home specified water heating cuisine.

Best Location For Your DIY Solar Pool Heater

One of the best locations for the panels is nearer the pool. Often they will suit best on top of or on one side of your swimming pool, although you may want to consider other options if your climate only allows brief periods of sun.

Solar Pool Heater To Make In A Weekend:

Solar Pool Heater To Make In A Weekend


The Weekend Solar Heating System is an inexpensive DIY project which you can build over the weekend. This system is very easy to assemble, not requiring any special skills or machinery either. It is ideal for smaller swimming pools that do not require high heat retention for overnight heating, but if you want to heat your pool overnight (for example), you can easily install two panels instead of one. The panels are fairly small, so they fit on most homes’ roofs, making them easy to install and remove for winter.


DIY Solar Panel Pool Heater:

DIY Solar Panel Pool Heater


With an extensive 3×4 foot design, the Sun2Solar Off-Grid Solar Pool Heat Pump System is engineered to heat up to 35,000 gallons of your swimming pool’s water. This cost-effective solar pool heater works by silently circulating the heated pool water directly into your home for instant use, providing an energy-efficient way to generate heat throughout your swimming season.


Open Flow DIY Heating Collector:

Open Flow DIY Heating Collector


The heating collector shown here is so practical; you would love having it. The design is probably not tricky, but nevertheless, I’d like to describe how to build a similar one. The Open Flow collector for solar evacuated tube heating of domestic hot water provides two things. A reliable mechanism and a permanent part of the project. Designed to be assembled with readily available components, it is sized to match the application site, giving optimal heat transfer at minimum investment in materials.


DIY Simple Solar Pool Heater:

DIY Simple Solar Pool Heater


Pool heating has never been easier. The Simple Solar Pool Heater makes it simple to heat your pool with the power of the sun. Using a thermostat to control an electric or gas-powered heater, this solar system engages a simple yet highly effective design—a copper coil inside a plastic tube submerged in a swimming pool. With an included 1/4 HP wood-burning heater paired with this solar system, you’ll enjoy the ease of heating your pool from morning to night. It will be a great inexpensive option to enjoy the hot bath in winter, so without wasting any time, start this project before the cold days arrives.


Universal Solar Pool Heater:

The Solar Pool Heater’s revolutionary design lets you heat your pool naturally. Unlike a solar blanket, which absorbs the sun’s heat and converts it to heat energy, the Solar Pool Heater collects heat from the sun before it can reach your water. Installation is incredibly easy for anyone, requiring minimal technical know-how, expense, material & time. It’s a simple way to keep a family pool clean and comfortable year-round!

Practical Solar Pool Heater DIY:

A practical pool heater comes with a 10” or 20” flat-panel solar collector designed for compact installation. The panels are designed in such a way that it enables complete sunlight to pass through the highest percentage of glass area and cover more area than most other tube style collectors. Using the latest in solar technology the complete system will run you around $2,400- $3,200 and includes: pre-manufactured solar panels, direct-storage tank, and pump, all aided by a thermostat.

Solar Collecting DIY Heater For Pool:

Solar Collecting DIY Heater For Pool


The Weekend Solar Heating System is an inexpensive DIY project which you can build over the weekend. This system is very easy to assemble, not requiring any special skills or machinery either. It is ideal for smaller swimming pools that do not require high heat retention for overnight heating, but you can easily install two panels instead of one if you want to heat your pool overnight (for example). The panels are fairly small, so they fit on most homes’ roofs, making them easy to install and remove for winter.


DIY Easy Solar Pool Heater:

DIY Easy Solar Pool Heater


This is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects you will ever try. Add together items commonly found around the house, and in about an hour, you will have a working solar pool heater just like the one in the video. For a very little cost, you can own a solar-powered pool water heating system that provides 80% of your total pool heating needs during peak time heating months of April through October with thousands of hours of free solar energy,  Plus no more paying for gas or using chemicals.


Cheap DIY Homemade Heater

This homemade heater is not only an affordable way to heat your pool but also easy to make. You’ll need a wooden frame, a water hose coil, a timer, and a few other basic materials. Attach the coiled hose to the wooden frame and set it up on one side of the pool. Then start the timer and watch as it heats your pool without any risk of fire!. With this cheap homemade heater, you’ll be sure to stay warm and cozy as you relax in the shallow end, sipping on your favorite hot drink.

Swimming Pool Heater:

Swimming Pool Heater


The solar-powered system contains:

  • A floor-standing solar collector.
  • A pool water heater.
  • A choice of a backup electric heater.

The system automatically controls the heating process as the thermal capacity of the solar collector changes over time according to sunlight amount. The system offers year-round pool heating by tapping into the sunlight of any kind, even on cloudy days. It will be a great cost-effective, and highly efficient option to heat your pools, so without wasting any time, put your hands on this project. 


Solar Pool Heating System:

Solar Pool Heating System


Pool heating is the prime concern of every pool owner. Before making any feasibility study for this purpose, it is better to understand what you should look for in choosing a proper heating system. This amazing DIY solar pool heating system will surely be a great hit option to make your winters relaxing and comfortable. Plus, the excellent functionalities will make this pool heater everyone’s favorite.


No Electricity Pool Heater:

No Electricity Pool Heater


The pool heater that doesn’t require electricity means a whole lot of money saved. This polyurethane heat is a good idea for those who spend the winter in preparation, heated locations as pools are open all year long. Even through the coldest days, the pool will be one of your locations, but it usually requires powerful electric burners to maintain the right temperature. Our tutorial suggests another option to build a heater from an empty bottle filled with water and enough oil to make it pyroscopic. There’s no electrical power required – only a lighter or a match.


DIY Solar Thermal Pool Heater:

DIY Solar Thermal Pool Heater


You can go swimming all year round with this innovative, ground-breaking solar pool heater. This solar thermal system heats pools to 50 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature without any outside energy source or moving parts. It works by heating water through the use of thermal collectors. Above-ground pool systems are used in both fresh and saltwater. Additionally, this solar pool heater does not require any electricity; rather it runs independently.”


Recreative DIY Pool Heater:

Recreative DIY Pool Heater


The idea is simple. In spring and fall, when the pool water should be kept warm for about 7 hours a day, we can keep it heated to your desired temperature through this pool heater. The Recreative pool heater can heat your swimming pool from 28 to 38 °C. In order to use the heater efficiently, it’s important to involve several easy-to-use tricks specified in the user manual. We have gathered some of them for you here, and you’ll surely enjoy making them.


 Just $50 Homemade Heater

The simple concept of this pool heater is explained in the video. The process for forging your own, rather than paying hundreds of dollars, comes simply whether or not you have basic shop knowledge or not. Now you can have a heated pool for under $50. The heater is safe and easy to build. All the parts are readily available from the local hardware store. I built mine in one afternoon, not counting cleaning up.

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