15 DIY Wall-Mounted Desk Plans And Ideas

We all face spacing problems nowadays because the cities are getting congested and populated, the bigger houses have been converted into apartments, and everything is getting smaller day by day. So why not update the larger-sized desks with something unique like DIY wall-mounted desk plans. There’s just no solution to this situation other than a desk by the wall. You can keep all of your office’s needs close at hand, and no need to have some space dedicated to the DIY wall-mounted desks; they just flip and get closed on wall sides.

DIY Wall Mounted Desk Plans

These DIY wall-mounted desk plans have endless useabilities and greater alternatives to a computer workstation in the living room and a dedicated homework workspace in the home office. Without spending too much fortune and time, you can have a decent and functional DIY wall-mounted desk for adding to your office, bedroom, study room, or wherever you want. If you have a few woodworking skills, then the process will be much easier for you. Just get the best option selected from the given DIY wall-mounted desk plans and be creative using simple woods to finish in excellent results.


DIY Wall Mounted Dream Desk:

All together, When mounted to the wall, this DIY wall-mounted desk makes an excellent addition to the home office. Not only does the dream desk provide a work surface and charging outlets for electronic devices, but it also has a flush-mounted power strip for the main outlet, as well as USB ports built into the wall plate itself. The cup holder at the end is also integrated in such a manner that it will be undetectable once you have fixed your DIY wall-mounted desk.

How To Build A DIY Wall Mounted Desk:

With this tutorial, you can build your own wall-mounted desk. It is much cheaper than a real desk, and it has nice looks. You’ll need some basic tools to build this DIY wall-mounted desk. Measure the wall where you plan to mount it to get an idea of what size board to cut. Cut four pieces of wood of the same length. Assemble them with a Kreg jig and two screws at each joint in an ‘L’ shape; drill three holes at various angles and insert a carpenter square into it as extra support. Fix the bottom part of the desk on the wall with screws and finally attach the desktop on top.

DIY Cheap Wal-Mounted Floating Desk:

Another simple way to create a floating desk is with wood and contact paper. This DIY desk looks like it cost hundreds of dollars and took hours to build, but it actually took about 10 minutes and less than 20 dollars. You can create this awesome floating desk in any color or style you’d like to make it best suitable for your bedroom decor. The given video tutorial will guide you excellently step by step from the material list to end to create this admirable DIY wall-mounted desk.

DIY Floating Desk:

DIY Floating Desk

This easy DIY Wall Mounted Floating Desk is made from repurposed materials like 2 x 4 lumber, plywood, and a bathroom vanity countertop. This simple tutorial, featuring step-by-step pictures; it will show you how to build an office workstation just in time for the new school year! Mount wood countertop on wall with metal brackets, hidden by wide boards mounted on either side of the top. The surface of the top of the table/desk is stained and sealed, allowing you to complete it with an array of items to make it functional as well as beautiful.


How To Build A Wall Mounted Fold Down Desk:

How To Build A Wall Mounted Fold Down Desk

This wall-mounted fold-down desk is a great way to have an extra workspace in your house. The desk folds up against the wall when not in use. You can build this fold-down desk by following these detailed instructions. You will need a drill, utility knife, wood glue, and wood filler to complete the project. It would be great for small areas, plus also a decent addition to the student’s room. Its number of useabilities make this wall-mounted desk everyone’s favorite.


DIY Simple Wall Desk:

DIY Simple Wall Desk

Are you tired of your cluttered desk? Well, here’s a simple step-by-step solution. This complete set is all you need to build this floating table with a DIY desktop. After putting it together, mount this enjoyable desk to the wall. Just sit and study at the comfy height and organize your favorite belongings in the drawers to help you keep them active. This DIY simple wall desk is easy to make and requires only a few materials. It’s ideal for small rooms and can be mounted on either side of the room as it uses both sides. Whether you use this desk as a laptop station or a writing table, you’ll love knowing your space is free from clutter.


DIY Wall Mounted Standing Desk:

DIY Wall Mounted Standing Desk

The DIY Wall Mounted Standing Desk is an ideal solution for the home office. If you’re someone who prefers standing while working, this is a great way to keep yourself focused on the work at hand and not on how much your bum hurts; trust us, that can distract you to do your work. This wall-mounted desk will surely provide convenience to all of your works and easily be assembled in less time. Creation is too easy to follow steps keenly to find in this admirable wall-mounted desk for yourself.


DIY CNC Wall Mounted Desk:

DIY CNC Wall Mounted Desk

Our DIY CNC Wall Mounted Desk is a fun project for any amateur woodworker. It may look intricate, but it’s easier to make than you think! This unique project will allow you to have a stylish desk in any room of your house. The materials used are steel tubing, MDF, plywood, hand level, and screws. After assembly, sand down the edges to get rid of sharp corners and smooth the surface out. This wall-mounted desk is suitable for the home or office.


DIY Wall Mounted Desk Plans:

DIY Wall Mounted Desk Plans

The perfect solution for empty corners in your home, our DIY wall-mounted desk provides a conveniently sized writing surface, allowing you to tuck away the desk when not in use. This DIY wall-mounted desk is a simple and cost-effective solution for small spaces. The top deck of the table is designed to curve on the sides, creating an interesting modern design. The creation of this Diy desk is too easy and has long-lasting features, making it everyone’s heartedly favorite.


DIY Wall Mounted Fold Out Desk:

DIY Wall Mounted Fold Out Desk

Sitting at a desk for long hours makes people feel tired, especially when they want to work from home but don’t have a designated office. With this DIY Wall Mounted Fold Out Desk; converting one’s spare room or storage space into a workable office is now possible. This DIY Wall Mounted Fold Out Desk is meant to provide the easiness of using a computer close by; but simultaneously can be folded out when it is not in use and occupies almost no floor space. You can make it as wide as you like, paint it to suit your tastes, then simply fold out the bracket when needed; finish up with some screws to secure the bracket in place to the wall.


DIY Wall-Mounted Desk:

DIY Wall Desk

The DIY Wall Desk is a multipurpose desk that helps the kids in study time. It is perfect for those who want to give their child a desk of their own without being fixed permanently on the wall. Its creation will be too easy and inexpensive, which makes It almost Diyer’s favorite. Make it in your son’s room and allow him to go ahead and get his own study desks with pocket doors. To make her copybooks look cool and organized when it’s open, but guide them to fold up once their study session is over.


DIY Laptop Wall-Mounted Desk:

DIY Laptop Wall Mount

Are you creating a new home office or upgrading your current setup? An ideal desk will suit best comfortably and get the job done. The DIY Laptop Wall Mount Desk can easily customize to fit your needs by adjusting it in height, orientation, and surface. Using basic woodworking tools, you can build this sleek desk based on the free plan downloaded below. It will be a decent alternative to the store-bought office tables.


DIY Wall-Mounted Folding Work Desk:

DIY Wall Mounted Folding Work Desk

The DIY Wall Mounted Folding Work Desk is a multi-functional desk assemble to a desk or workbench using pegboard to hang tools.  It features a collapsible tabletop that can be removed to save space and doubles as an extra work area.  It also includes several brackets to hold cleats and boards for an extra work area. When you’re done, fold the top of the desk down and mount a pegboard on the wall where it can be used to hold all of your favorite tools. It can also be a tool storage station for your workstation.


How To Build A DIY Floating Desk:

How To Build A DIY Floating Desk

To build a floating desk for less than $150, start by choosing the right desktop or flat surface that you’ll use as your desk. You will want a large piece of wood in order to utilize the full length of the brackets and support both edges. Once the desktop is secured to the brackets; drill holes through the brackets and into the desk to run wires through them – this will hide them easily Believe me; it will be the easiest and fastest way to make a wall-mounted desk for your home.


DIY Wall-Mounted Desk Tutorial:

 Wall Mounted Desk Tutorial


If you’re short on space, here’s a great idea for a floating desk that you can build yourself. It will be an excellent option to utilize the space nearer the wall efficiently and a great alternative to the larger-sized space-occupying desks that aren’t suitable for most of the rooms. We found this tutorial that shows you how to build a wall-mounted desk using plywood, wood brackets, and a tabletop of your choice. Just gather the supplies follow the guidelines, and finish in this admirable masterpiece for your home.


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